The deal, for $290 million cash for the 95% of Fetch which Zebra does not already own from a previous stake, is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021, furthering Zebra's growth in intelligent industrial automation as part of the company’s focus on robotics.

<p>使用斑马可穿戴设备的关联装置,将案例挑选到采集移动机器人。</ p>

An associate using a Zebra wearable device to pick cases to a Fetch mobile robot.





斑马技术, a provider of enterprise data capture, mobile computing, and visibility solutions, today announced it intends to acquire获取机器人,自主移动机器人(AMRS)提供商。获取的AMRS用于优化挑战中心和配送中心,在制造设施中的即时材料交付和任何设施中的自动化手动材料。

根据Zebra Technologies的说法,FETCH是该行业中最大的AMR组合,并提供与仓库和制造系统的无缝集成,而无需改变设施或基础设施。yabo88稳定版获取机器人的AMRS帮助通过提高耗费,效率和生产力,同时在履行,分销和制造环境中的人员合作时,通过提高吞吐量,效率和生产力来减少劳动力短缺的影响。


In addition to Fetch Robotics’ broad portfolio of AMRs, it offers cloud-based Enterprise Software, FetchCore as the foundational platform for deploying and fully integrating a broad range of automated workflows into manufacturing and warehouse operations and providing unique insights into facilities through machine learning on AMR sensor data. Additionally, Fetch has a function called Workflow Builder, a drag and drop workflow development studio, to enable rapid deployment of automation workflows. Zebra Technologies sees the acquisition as furthering its vision to bring advanced robotics solutions to customers.


“The Fetch team is excited to join Zebra and accelerate the adoption of flexible automation through AMRs and our cloud-based robotics platform. Together we have the right team with the right technology to provide end-to-end solutions that solve real customer problems,” said Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics. “By helping customers dynamically optimize and holistically orchestrate their fulfillment, distribution, and manufacturing operations, together we help enable their ability to stay ahead of growing demand, minimize delivery times and address shrinking labor pools.”

作为Zebra Ventures产品公司的公司取得了强烈的进展。在早期快速增长阶段,这一高层保证金的业务正在产生约1000万美元的年度汇率销售。Zebra的上市足迹和垂直市场专业知识预计将推动与Zebra的一部分取得的协同作用。

“我们的目标是给机器人和人们有机会做出最好的工作,”Zebra Technologies Zebra Technologies,首席产品和解决方案官员说。“此次收购是我们预期的一系列创新,反映了我们对创建解决方案的承诺,帮助我们的客户通过机器人学改善其运营。”

Zebra expects to fund the $290 million purchase price – for the 95% of the business it does not already own – with cash on hand. Zebra’s venture arm had previously invested $15 million in Fetch a couple of years ago, which puts the effective value of the acquisition at $305 million. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval, and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021.

在接受采访中Modern,聪明的指出,她是住在船尾还有斑马er the acquisition. Wise added that already, the companies have a strong working partnership in which they ensure that their products, such as Fetch’s AMRs and Zebra’s mobile devices, work well together in AMR workflows. Going forward, the combined company will be in a better position to deliver an integrated approach between Fetch’s robotics software and Zebra’s software, but at the same time, Fetch will also continue to offer AMR solutions that appeal to companies who want to rapidly deploy AMRs without integration to another software system.

For example, said Wise, using mobile robots to transport full dunnage containers away from work areas is an popular AMR application that doesn’t require integration to another software system. Such solutions will continue to be offered, Wise said, though as part of Zebra, coming up with an enhanced, integrated approach will also be a focus. “Some customers just want to get started, get a flavor for the technology, and achieve an easy win,” Wise said. “We’re really tackling it at both ends [of the spectrum] ... from completely unintegrated to fully integrated [with Zebra’s software suite].”

Jim Lawton, VP and General Manager, Zebra Technologies, added that an important driver for the acquisition is that Zebra’s customers are looking for integrated solutions to manage busy fulfillment centers, without having to hire consultants or make special engineering efforts to link robotics with their other systems. With Fetch as part of Zebra, Lawton sees strong customer value in having theFulfillmentEdgesolution and Fetch’s platform integrated to support key workflows that involve both robotic and human resources. “I think we are going to see more and more progress toward the digital warehouse as providers take on the responsibility of figuring out how these technologies can come together to solve problems,” said Lawton.


Roberto Michel
Roberto Michel, senior editor for Modern, has covered manufacturing and supply chain management trends since 1996, mainly as a former staff editor and former contributor at Manufacturing Business Technology. He has been a contributor to Modern since 2004. He has worked on numerous show dailies, including at ProMat, the North American Material Handling Logistics show, and National Manufacturing Week. You can reach him at:[电子邮件受保护]


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